Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program

St Maroun’s College utilises some of the latest cloud based technologies, integrated into the classroom to enhance and expand the learning experience for all of our students. Working in conjunction with these new technologies is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) laptop program, for students from Year 4 to Year 12.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program

Our BYOD program provides students with access to expanded, global resources and content, as well as giving students the opportunity to take ownership of their learning and approach to creative problem solving. We believe that, through communication and collaboration, students will reap many rewards such as increased student engagement and increased long-term academic performance, which will encourage them to become life-long learners. Our BYOD program is designed to be an extension of students’ normal, everyday practices, and our school environment should replicate the post-secondary experience with technology in the workplace.

All new enrolments from Year 4 to Year 12 must ensure that they have purchased an appropriate device.

Further information on our BYOD program can be found under the headings below.  Please also ensure that you read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document by  CLICKING HERE

How do we purchase our BYOD device?

To purchase a BYOD device at special education pricing with 3-year warranty included, parents are encouraged to visit our order portal and follow the easy and secure steps. We also encourage parents to purchase the additional insurance available from the order portal, which will protect your device from any breakage for the entire warranty period. The order portal address is:

Purchasing your BYOD device elsewhere

If parents wish to purchase a BYOD device from an alternate supplier, the device MUST comply with our Hardware Checklist. This is to ensure the device is compatible with our computer network and will meet the day to day expectations placed upon it by our BYOD program. Please print the Hardware Checklist and take it to your computer supplier, making sure that your BYOD device matches each item listed.

To download the St Maroun’s BYOD Hardware Checklist  CLICK HERE

How do we obtain the recommended BYOD software?

Once you have purchased your BYOD device, or had your own device approved, you will need to install the list of recommended BYOD software applications that our IT department has put together. Please review the Software Requirements noted in the checklist below and download the suggested software applications. As the program matures and expands, there may be further software downloads and purchases required at a later date.

To view the St Maroun’s BYOD Software Requirements  CLICK HERE

Applying to use a BYOD device you already own

We strongly believe that our BYOD program is an extension of students’ normal, everyday practices, and that our school environment should replicate the post-secondary experience with technology in the workplace. If you require further information on our BYOD program, please contact the College IT Manager, Mr Anton Kraus, on (02) 9559 2434 or email

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