The program began in 2014 with a small in-school production with a handful of students.

By the end of the year we held a performance in front of an audience over two nights with 13 students and one teacher in the cast.

The experience was wonderful for the students and so, a regular group was formed. In 2015, the students became involved in the script and the costumes became more elaborate. The cast size increased and the participation number of staff in the cast doubled.

In 2016, the Extra Curricular Drama expanded to include not only productions, but also a film competition and other creative activities. The production extended across the College to involve almost 30 students from Year 3 to Year 12 along with four staff cast members. Mrs Cathy Yarad, who ran the program, was joined by Miss Maja Bejnarowicz who took on the role of director for primary students.

The Extra Curricular Drama program offers an opportunity for students to experience a large production while learning skills in voice projection, stage presence and memorisation skills. Students are also encouraged to add their own ideas to each production allowing their improvisation skills to shine. Drama is an enjoyable and wonderful opportunity as it allows students  to build confidence, team work, and strong and lasting friendships.


Faith, Friendship and Honesty