The study of English is built around three core strands encompassing language, literature and literacy.

Across years 7-12, students study a balanced combination of all three in order to understand and apply skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking for the development of knowledge and personal enjoyment.

The study of English at St Maroun’s College develops students’ general and cross curriculum knowledge in order for students to interact with peers, teachers, individuals, groups and community members in a range of face-to-face and online or virtual environments.

Through a range of modules and thematic studies, students engage with imaginative, informative and analytical texts including narratives, procedures, performances, reports, discussions, literary analyses for exposure to contemporary methods of communication. Additionally, students have the opportunity to attend Shakespearian performances and school events such as public speaking or debating to apply their knowledge in authentic contexts. In an incredibly supportive environment, students learn with the support and guidance of teachers with experience and expertise. In the senior years, students may select from English Advanced, Standard, Extension I, Extension II or ESL.

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