Human Society and it’s Environment (HSIE) is a broad group of subjects that encompass, primarily History and Geography in the Junior years and include a variety of subjects in Senior years.

Students in Year 7-10 enjoy an excursion on Sydney Harbour as part of the Mandatory fieldwork for both History and Geography.

Students also participate in the National Geographic Geography Competition and the History Competition. Commerce classes have visited the Reserve Bank of Australia to understand its importance to our local and international economy. The Ancient and Modern History classes have visited the State Library of NSW in investigate some key areas of history and gain better research techniques. Business Studies students visit Luna Park to have first hand experience as to how businesses operate and the importance of the business to the Australian economy. Legal Studies classes visit both the local and district courts to witness first hand the importance of law and its processes. The Department has a variety of resources and specialty amongst staff members that allow students to gain the very best understanding of their topic areas. HSIE department aim to create student learning environments and opportunities that outreach the classroom itself and allow students to become informed global citizens.

Faith, Friendship and Honesty