The Parents and Friends Association at St Maroun’s College is actively involved in helping the College achieve the best outcomes for our children by making their experience of learning and socialising a fun part of their development.

The P&F each year works with the Principal and the College to identify the needs of the school and to develop an action plan to help meet these needs.

The action plan is mostly focused on fundraising activities that also form part of the social interaction for the College Community, such as concerts, fetes, dinners, school dances etc.

The purpose of the activities of the P&F are not to provide essential educational material that is either funded by government or through the College Fee structure but to provide new and innovative resources as a little extra which will enhance the learning experience for our children at St Maroun’s College. The P&F meets regularly to provide a forum for discussion on how we can best help the College. For many of us the experience is of great value with many solid friendships being formed throughout our children’s education and beyond.

The Association seeks the support, ideas and motivation of new parents and friends to join them at their meetings. We are always looking for energetic parents and friends to participate in organising and helping out at various functions by either nominating for a position on the P&F Committee or just helping out for an event. If you have the time to devote to the P&F Committee please contact the College Administration Office or any member of the P&F at any function or event. We would be delighted to work together for the better of our College and our children.

Diane Abeni

Faith, Friendship and Honesty