The fundamental aim of the Science Faculty at St Maroun’s College is not only to teach the mandatory NSW Science Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum but to utilise an inquiry-based approach to assist students throughout Years 7 – 12 to understand key concepts.

This provides all students with a broad education across all Sciences as well as a deep – grounded learning in specific areas of Science, for those students wishing to pursue future studies in Science at University.

Our Science Faculty also provides a variety of activities to reinforce learning outcomes, thus enriching students’ skills. We nurture the practical and theoretical aspects of Science by putting theory into practice. We provide hands on exploration modules that include excursions to Sydney Taronga Zoo (Year 7 & 8 Classification & Living Systems), Field Studies at Long Reef Rock Platform in Collaroy and at the NSW Botanical Gardens in Sydney (Yr 11 Biology), trips with the Solar Boat on Sydney Harbour (Years 9 & 10), visits to ANSTO at Lucas Heights (Yr 11 Chemistry & Yr 12 Physics), UNSW Pathology Museum (Yr 12 Biology), UNSW  and National Maritime Museum (Yr 12 Chemistry) and demonstrating  concepts in Physics with a visit to Luna Park in Sydney (Yr 11).

All our courses have E – Book Learning to accommodate the introduction of the BYODD Program at St Maroun’s College. This allows students to link into interactive activities that engage them at school and at home.

Science subjects offered at the Senior level (Years 11 & 12) include:-

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth & Environmental Studies, Senior Science and Marine Studies.

Enrichment courses are also offered and are available for Gifted & Talented students eg UNSW Science Experience Workshops, ICAS Science Examinations, Chemistry Titration and Solar Car competitions.

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