Looking for help on Support Services for International Students?

The International Student Coordinator (ISC) is the primary contact person at St. Maroun’s College for all your student support needs. The ISC is responsible for the orientation program, the first contact during the enrolment interview and your helping hand on the first day at school. The ISC would help to answer any and all questions regarding courses, study, subjects, college rules, and expectations.

International Student Mobile (24hrs)

The International Student Mobile is rotated amongst the College executives to be a point of contact for all international students available 24/7 on 0451 114 811.

College Psychologist

A trained Psychologist is available onsite for all international students to help with issues about relationships, homesickness, finance, legal, health, and emergencies.

Welfare Team

The welfare team consists of the Principal, Assistant Principal, Welfare Coordinator, Year Coordinators and ISC. All personnel are available to assist all international students in various issues and offer assistance and guidance at all times.

Careers Advice

The Curriculum Coordinator is available to give one-on-one career advice regarding post-school pathways. The ISC can also provide information on international student requirements for the ATAR, university preparation and entrance.

Library support

The College library is open before and after school including during recess and lunch for access to computers, internet, photocopiers, and educational resources.

Learning Support (ESL, Special Needs, and Enrichment Program)

The College has an ESL and Special Needs support staff member in the primary and secondary school. All international students are to partake in a minimum of one lesson a fortnight in the ESL room. The Enrichment Program is available to meet the needs of the gifted and talented international students within the College.

Orientation Program

All new international students partake in an orientation program to help adjust and integrate into the unique Australian education system of St. Maroun’s College. The program includes fortnightly informal “catch up” meetings with the ISC and the student.

Holiday Study Lessons

The dedicated teaching staff of St. Maroun’s College frequently give recess, lunch and after school study sessions in all KLA’s. For the Year 12 students, teachers offer holiday study lessons at no additional cost.

SMS text attendance

The College assists international students by contacting parents, guardian, and students via mobile SMS texts of non-attendance to ensure compliance to DIBP Visa regulations and to ensure the safety of all students.

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