With utmost compassion and commitment, we aim to provide high-quality education and nurture each child to be the best they can be!

We recognize the uniqueness of each individual and nurture them to develop admirable qualities of character & discipline.

Our Mission

Our students are encouraged to develop their potential to have:

  • a good Christian spirit
  • a commitment to justice
  • academic excellence
  • honesty and courtesy
  • respect and tolerance of themselves and others

St. Maroun’s College’s policies and procedures are designed to foster and encourage our students to develop a deep commitment to prayer, love, and respect that will manifest itself in their daily lives.

Our Philosophy

We at St. Maroun’s College believe in the recognition & respect of the absolute worth, dignity, and rights of every human being.

Our Commitment

We are committed to:

  • Catholic Discipleship, where the human dignity of all people is valued and respected.
  • To improving student learning outcomes and developing the emotional, spiritual and intellectual well being.

When your child enrolls at St Maroun’s College, you become a part of our community and we work in close collaboration with you to give your child the best learning and nourishing experience at our college.

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Faith, Friendship and Honesty