Saint Maroun’s College gives students the platform to participate in various carnivals, gala days and inter-school sporting events held between independent schools in the southwest of the Sydney region, as part of the South Western Independent Schools Sports Association (SWISSA).

We’re a proud part SWISSA (South Western Independent Schools Sports Association) as a part of our sub-association to the Association of Independent Co-Educational Schools (AICES). This body is dedicated to helping develop sporting, cultural, social and academic contact between independent co-educational schools. Their main purpose is to provide independent school students and staff with the opportunity to participate in State and National School sporting activities.
homework club for primary kids hosted by secondary students

The Homework Club:

We are really proud to share our students’ initiative in the form of this unique Extra-Curricular Activity for our Primary students. It’s a student-developed, a student-run program called “The Homework Club”.

The Homework Club involves volunteers from Year 11 and Year 12 assisting students from Kindergarten through to Year 6 with their homework. Every Monday afternoon after school the students meet in the Library.  The program is aimed at improving academic outcomes for students in Primary school, especially those from non-English speaking backgrounds or who have parents that are unable to assist them with homework (for example, because of work commitments).

The program also aims to foster a greater sense of community and ‘friendship’ between primary and high school students at Saint Maroun’s College.

It is wonderful to see all the students enjoying their afternoon and at the same time completing their spelling, maths, science and reading homework. Students are able to use the computers at the library to complete their Mathletics and research tasks.

school excursion for year 6

Exciting School Excursions:

Our college produces active and informed citizens through knowledge and understanding of Australian society through our learning experience and even our outdoor excursion to our institutions, values, and heritage. The academic year of 2018 has been exciting for our excursion trip where Kindy classroom visited the Taronga Zoo, Primary class of year 2 went to explore how people used to live 100 years ago at The Big Dig and our Year 5 Primary students went to explore their skills at a yummy adventure of bread making at Brasserie Bread. We are looking forward to our upcoming excursion adventures for the academic Term of 2019. 

Swimming Carnival

Sports Activites for Students:

AICES provides equitable and structured pathways for students and schools within its member sub-associations to further representation in sports offered by NSWCIS and other NSW Schools bodies, in sports like Basketball, Netball, Football, Oztag, Volleyball, Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming.

Extra Curricular Activities

Creative Opportunities for Students throughout the term:

The school provides various opportunities for students to explore creatively while they learn. We celebrate various days and conduct many creative dress-up activities for kids to build their creative, emotional and social skills. Our academic year of 2018 was filled with such exciting activities for all students at St. Maroun’s College. 

From Farmer’s Day to Book Week and also an introduction of aboriginal art for our students. Here are some glimpses of our these activities: 

Images from Farmer’s Day 2018:

Faith, Friendship and Honesty