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Author and educational consultant Jonar Nador visited St Maroun’s College to film a forthcoming documentary. His gratitude and experiences while filming at the College are expressed in the following email: 

Dear Sr Josephine, Thank you for your kind hospitality towards my camera crew and myself as we filmed your school in preparation for the forthcoming documentary. As you know, I travel the world and lecture at the best of schools and universities in countless countries. From my experience, your school stands out as a shining example of a leading educational institution. Every class I visited, and each student with whom I engaged, was inspiring. Additionally, and by way of example, last week I stood outside to observe how your students end their day as they prepare to depart the grounds while awaiting their parents or local bus. I was deeply moved by the camaraderie, playfulness, genuine affection and respect that students showered upon each other. I just loved the way they greeted one another, and how they farewelled their mates. This end-of-day ritual must be ever-so-common, yet, it resembled a scene from an airport homecoming, as students embraced friends and bantered with buddies from another class; shaking hands, hugging, playing rough-and-tumble, passing a ball for others to catch, or standing earnestly to discuss something serious about the following day’s project. It was simply precious. I was not surprised, because, over the two years in which I have been visiting your school, I had grown accustomed to your students’ endearing spirit which is obviously injected by your professional and dedicated staff. Nonetheless, I was mesmerized and delighted to witness a school that fanned a flame so warm. I must salute you as the Principal, and your faculty, for nurturing such a priceless atmosphere that no doubt fosters confident, loving, thoughtful students who grow to value education in ways few students at other schools ever appreciate.
In admiration, Jonar Nader – Author & Education Consultant

On Friday 14th of March, Senior Constable Danny McManus came to talk to the students in Years 7 – 10 about cybercrime, bullying, and internet safety. Below is a very positive message received from Senior Constable McManus regarding the presentation:

Sr Josephine Wehbe, I am writing to praise your students for their interaction and engagement during the presentation I delivered on Cyber Crime / Bullying and Internet Safety. The presentation was delivered to years 7 to 10 students. The students were attentive and respectful during the presentation and answered questions intelligently. I am very impressed with the caliber of students at St Maroun’s college and found the general atmosphere of the school warm and friendly. I also observed the students be happy in the school environment and interested in my presence. Congratulations to you, your staff and parents for developing these young people into caring and respectful members of the community. I look forward to a continuing and productive relationship with St Maroun’s College.
Regards, Danny McManus – Senior Constable
School Liaison Police Youth Command – NSW Police Force

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