At Saint Maroun’s College, we cater to a diverse range of interests and abilities, giving every child the opportunity to develop their musical talents beyond the classroom. We encourage our students to push beyond their comfort zone in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Quality music education has a range of benefits including positive social, cultural and educational outcomes. The benefits of music education have been proven time and again by decades of research, and they’re experienced every day by our teachers and students who actively engage and participate in music making.

Music Classes with Ms. Deanne:

The students enjoy learning various musical instruments at St. Maroun’s College from recorders to keyboard and drums. Students not only learn musical skills and language but they also form ensembles that encourage team play.

It is our goal at St. Maroun’s College to ensure that students’ talents and abilities are celebrated and nurtured. Music classes encourage students to develop discipline, social skills, creativity, time-management, resilience, and personal expression.

We believe that all students should have the opportunity to develop their ensemble skills with like-minded students and these students can be across different year groups i.e. Primary or Secondary.

Students sharing their Musical experiences:

Our primary students are really enjoying their Music learning experience with our extremely talented Ms. Deanne. Here’s what our students have to say about their favorite things from their performing arts and music class experiences:

I love to learn music and team up with my friends to play different instruments and songs with them. – Lourdes

I like Music because we can sing songs and use the drums.

Music is my favourite subject because I love to learn the language of music and find ways to uniquely express myself. – Mikael

My favorite subject is Music because it’s very rhythmic and very nice! – Ashley

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